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Duluth Accident and Injury Pain Relief
Lukovsky Chiropractic Clinic
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Prompt Chiropractic Treatment Is Important

Duluth Accident Relief

The quicker than we can evaluate your injury and begin treatments, the better off you will be. By doing this, you can be sure there are long - term repercussions.

After you have met with accident or sustained an injury, call us right away. We will be there to help you with the pain as well as assist with filing your insurance claims.

Our acupuncturist is board certified and trained so call us today to learn more about our acupuncture practices and see if it is something that you are interested in.

Even minor injuries need relief
Whether you were in a car accident or sustained an injury from work or somewhere else, we can help relieve your pain. Even injuries that seem mild can have lasting effects on your body. You need to stop in and get an evaluation, so we can start prompt treatment.

Types of accidents we treat:

  • Car accidents and Whiplash pain
  • Work – related injuries and Sports injuries
  • Slips and falls
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Stiffness and muscle spasms
  • Spinal injuries and more

Personalized treatment just for you
At Lukovsky Chiropractic Clinic we will set you up with a customized treatment plan based on your specific injury. We also accept referrals & recommendations for patients. Call us today to set up your evaluation.


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